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Recent Reviews

"Ryan and his team are top notch professionals. As new first time home buyers Ryan and his team explained all the things we needed to do to get our mortgage. They answered all of our questions and was available even after closing hours. Great experience and would highly recommend him and his team to anyone else purchasing a home and needing a loan. Thanks Ryan, you Rock!"
– Starjohv7 .


"Ryan and David were fantastic to work with -- they really know their stuff and it shows. It's been eye-opening to talk with my friends about buying in this market. They can't imagine being able to afford it, but with the right financial strategy, we could. So grateful that it worked out."
– Db34768 .


"Ryan has been doing this a long time and it shows. He offers multiple different strategies depending on market conditions, walks you through the pros and cons of each and then gives you his recommendation. He answers any questions and works around your schedule. Couldn’t ask for a better lender ."
– Zac Petersen .


"Ryan and team helped make it possible for us to close on our house in two weeks. They helped us understand what the process was like and as a first time home buyer I would highly recommend them."
– Shannon .


"I first met Ryan during a weekend first-time home buyers class my wife and I took via Zoom. After that call we knew we needed to use Ryan as our lender. My profession is Financial Planning and I wanted to work with someone who was creative and strategic to help find a solution to put us in position to be competitive. Ryan checked all those boxes and we were able to buy a great home in our ideal neighborhood. We closed on our loan within 1-month of meeting Ryan! Yes, that includes the time it took to get pre-approved, find our home, have our offer accepted and go through underwriting. Impeccable speed. I will be using Ryan for all of our lending in the future and have already referred him business."
– Nate Tepp .


"I am so pleased to write Ryan and the Niles Team a review for the second time. We cannot say enough positive things about Ryan and his terrific team. This is our second house we have financed through the Niles Team, and we have been extremely pleased both times. Ryan is kind, patient with our questions, and available to help on the weekends! He is always gracious with his time and never made us feel like our time wasn’t valued. We always trust Ryan’s judgment about the housing market, and mortgage rates. Knowing that we are not the experts, it was such a relief to have someone who truly had our back and was looking out for our best interest. Buying a house is a personal, and Ryan understand that. He treated us with respect and was always so professional! We could not recommend Ryan and his team more. Thank you Ryan for exceptional service, wish you all the best!"
– Angiesego .


"When we were purchasing our dream home, we were up against competing offers. Part of the reason our offer was chosen, even though we didn’t have the highest monetary offer, was due to Ryan and his team’s credibility and their ability to close quickly. Ryan walked us through the best mortgage strategy for our situation, pre-approved is and put us in the best position to be successful. Even with delays in the process, Ryan’s team was able to rush order the appraisal and close in 20 days as promised. I am impressed! This is the second time I’ve worked with Ryan and Cornerstone and I would do it again."
– Stephanie Watanabe .


"My wife and I first heard of Ryan Jesse Niles and his colleagues through a first-time homebuyers class we took last year. We were impressed by their knowledge of the market and how they explained the lending side of the process to us. We debated between using an online lender and their company, Cornerstone, but ultimately chose Cornerstone and we are so glad we did! In such a competitive market, it was essential to have a local, well-respected lender who could close quickly. In our home buying process, Ryan's team did an excellent job of answering our questions, calming our fears and he also worked seamlessly with our realtor. We felt at all times that Cornerstone really worked as a team. A couple of times that our Mortgage Advisor was traveling, he still promptly responded to our questions and had his colleague checking in with us and following up when necessary. When we needed updated information, like our approval letter or their tool to show you their customized loan strategies and the different options available, both of them were fast to provide the information and give input. Their closing team was also very good at keeping us informed and guiding us through the process. They were all very patient and clear and detailed in the information they provided. We're very grateful we could make such a big investment supported by such a professional team.  We can also confidently say that a big reason we won the offer on our home (there were 15 other offers reviewed) is because Cornerstone did all of the underwriting up front which enabled us to waive the finance contingency and come to the table with the ability to close in 10 business days! We are almost positive we would have lost the offer on our house if we would have gone with an online lender or a bank. We are very grateful for Ryan Jesse Niles and his team and would highly recommend them!"
– Kyle Hansen .


"Ryan and his team were very responsive and gave very detailed explanations to all of our questions. Their breakdown for our different pricing options were amazing and detailed out every cost that would be included in our monthly payments as well as all the closing costs. We could not have had a better experience!"
– Cary Dubinsky .


"I highly recommend The Niles Team for your home lending needs! They were so helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. As a first time homebuyer, I felt that I could really trust them and that I was in good hands. The process was straightforward and we closed on time."
– Hannah Held .


"When choosing to buy a home, the money part can be the most stressful. How much do I need? Where is it going? Why are you asking for how much my left shoe in 1995 cost-joking-but sometimes it feels like that!? Working with the Niles team made all of those feelings go away. Not only were they incredibly responsive, they answered questions before we knew we had them. On top of all of that, the website they use streamlines document upload and also provides an up to date tracker of the process. I highly recommend the team and would definitely work with them in the future. Side note—we did this from across the country!! So if you are not local that is totally fine! We closed on time and they handled all the set up of a notary for signing documents in our house! With a newborn that was a huge blessing!"
– Britany Acker .


"I weighed multiple lenders and the Niles Team had a close time that was WEEKS faster (and they actually delivered on that promise). Communication was absolutely perfect. I got simple answers to complicated problems and everyone I spoke to in their office was professional and knowledgeable. I work in mortgage so I can be hard to impress but they did it! I would 1000% recommend The Niles Team to anyone that is looking to finance their home!"
– Felicia Carvalho .


"The best team to work with for purchase or refinance. Honest, transparent, and great communication throughout the process. I highly recommend The NilesTeam"
– Dale B. .


"The Niles Team is top notch. They were so patient with me (and all my questions ....and lack of computer skills) through the whole process. Everything was on time and always cordial and informative in responses."
– Julie Faison .


"I had a great experience with my first-time condo purchase through the Niles team. They were able to thoroughly answered all my questions, was available and the process completely efficiently."
– Nina Kilham .


"I have used Ryan and his team on two separate occasions, and each time they have provided a fantastic lending experience. Ryan excels in a few key areas that are important when selecting a home lender: 1) They provide a variety of options that fit your lending parameters. 2) They can explain complex lending products in simple terms, can walk you through the pros / cons of any product with ease, and give you an honest assessment of the cost benefit analysis. 3) They work fast, but effectively under pressure - this piece is important. It's critical to have a lender that can move at your speed when you're under pressure to close on a property. Last but not least, Ryan and his team are genuine people and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend anyone in need of a lender to go with this team."
– Andrew J. .


"We worked with the Niles team for our first time homebuying purchase. We worked with both Ryan and David during the process. Their team was invaluable in helping us navigate our current financial situation and understanding our position in a competitive housing market. They were highly available to chat over email, phone, text, and Zoom as well! They all made us feel at ease when we had any questions and were highly knowledgeable. The whole team was professional and respectful. Some highlights: - They recommended a wonderful buyer's agent for us to interview. They had worked with our buyer's agent in the past, and it made the whole closing process incredibly smooth. Basically a no-stress situation! - They worked quickly to get us updated documentation when we were putting offers on properties - The closing process was on time, and we even had the option to close early! - Their loan portal was easy to use and always available Highly recommend this team to anyone!"
– Helen Jones .


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